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6th Birthday

Our 6th Birthday

Our speaker this month Alec, AKA The Ginger Viking is a bar tender and cocktail aficionado who has won National and International cocktail competitions. Members were fascinated as he prepared cocktails both traditional and some of his own invention explaining the intricacies of producing the Perfect Cocktail and how the balance and quality of ingredients are imperative to achieving this.

His beautiful creations were passed round for us to sniff and admire with shots to follow as tasters. It has to be said that some members succumbed to temptation and had a secret slurp. Needless to say after a couple of shots we were all a very happy bunch and ready to celebrate our 6th birthday.This we did with cake and candles,which were blown out by our three founder members, followed by a rather dubious rendition of Happy Birthday Blandford W.I.The cocktails may have proved too much for some of us.

We are holding our August meeting at Alec's bar as he has been tasked with inventing an exclusive Blandford Evening W.I. cocktail for us to taste test.

We had several guests attending including members of the Air Ambulance to receive a donation of £150 which was raised by our Barn Dance and the Forum Focus editor took photos so our group will benefit from some publicity in next month's edition. A very happy meeting was enjoyed by all.

Resolutions Meeting

Resolutions Meeting

Marilyn Flowers gave an excellent presentation of the 2019 W.I. Resolutions but the general feeling was that this year's resolutions did not have the scope as in previous years.

1. Improving Plant Bio-security in the U.K.
2. Trees - improving the Natural Landscape
3. Pelvic floor Education
4. Suffering in Silence-why we need to end the taboo around menstrual health
5. A call against the decline in local bus services
6. Don't Fear the Smear

A vote was taken and all 22 members present voted for Resolution 6. Following on with this theme discussion indicated that the BEWI should consider it's own resolution by way of expanding this into Portable Well-Being Buses for women covering all aspects of women's intimate health (similar to portable mammogram cabins)