Blandford Evening WI

BEspoke and BEspoken

Fund Raising

Fund Raising has been an important aspect for our members especially at the initial stages of our inauguration.

Members have been enthuasiastically involved in various activites to raise money including boot fairs, jumble and book sales. Refreshments were provided for various community functions amd other Blandford institutions such as drama productions and the Georgian Fayre.

The money raised has provided our newly constructed W.I. with essentials such as china, table linen, and aprons and most importantly of all our Blandford W.I. banners - all of which were hand-made and embroidered.

Due to our successful fundraising for 2016 we were able to offer two members a £100 bursary each to attend an educational programme of their choosing, on the proviso they come back and tell us about what they have learnt.